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Where to buy a 6L80 transmission 

Where to buy 6L80 transmission 

The GM 6L80 transmission is a heavy duty 6 speed automatic gearbox that is designed for use in RWD and 4WD cars, trucks and SUVs. It’s the first fully electronic 6 speed automatic that the company had ever produced, and it featured a number of innovations like direct clutch-to-clutch shifting and a 32 – bit computer control unit that was integrated into the valve body. The 6L80 is a complicated transmission, and these are a few things that you should consider before you buy a 6L80 transmission. 

Buy a used 6L80 transmission 

If you wanted to save some money, you could go down to the local junkyard and buy a used 6L80 transmission. But keep in mind, it’s coming out of a wrecked or otherwise totaled vehicle. This means you don’t know how it was maintained, if it was abused or what the condition of the internal components really are. So you have no way of knowing if you are going to get 30 miles or 30,000 miles out of it. And that replacement warranty you get from the junkyard isn’t going to cover the labor cost that you’ll have to pay a mechanic to install a replacement transmission if the first used 6L80 breaks. 

Buy a rebuilt 6L80 Transmission  

If you don’t want to risk future problems from a used transmission, then you might consider buying a rebuilt 6L80 transmission from a mechanic or transmission shop. In this scenario, they basically take your existing transmission and replace all of the main seals clutches and other “wear parts”. A rebuilt 6L80 transmission is obviously better than a used one. However, most mechanics and repair shops don’t have the experience and equipment to inspect every single component for signs of damage, warping and any other condition that might cause the parts to fall below the original manufacturer’s specifications. Plus that rebuilt transmission warranty may only be honored by a few local transmission shops. 

Buy a remanufactured 6L80 Transmission  

Unlike a rebuilt 6L80 transmission, a remanufactured 6L80 transmission has been completely disassembled and then re-engineered on an assembly line. Each component is inspected, cleaned, and reconditioned by a technician that specializes in that particular stage of the process. All of the critical elements including the case, gears, valve body, shafts, pumps, and the torque converter are tested to ensure that they meet original equipment (OE) tolerances and standards. And any part that doesn’t meet the original specifications is either machined until it does or replaced with a brand new part. 

Once all of the components meet specification, they’re sent down an assembly line and the transmission is reassembled. The reman 6L80 transmission is then put on a dyno machine which simulates real-world driving through a software program called C.A.R.S. This allows any leaks and imperfections to be discovered and dealt with before the transmission leaves the factory. 

Another benefit of a remanufactured transmission are the updates and upgrades it receives. Once a certain vehicle model has been in production for a few years, small issues with the design are discovered and solutions are implemented. It may be more robust friction materials, stronger seals, stiffer springs, or number of other things. These changes are immediately applied to the new models still in production, and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s) are sent to dealers so they know how to deal with problems that may arise. Transmission remanufacturing companies like Street Smart Transmission also get these TSB’s, and implement the changes on their assembly line as well. 


We’ve already touched on it above, but given the complexity of this gearbox, it is extremely important that you consider what kind of 6L80 transmission warranty you’re going to get. Fixing a transmission is an extremely expensive affair, and should be treated like an investment. So let’s recap the ways that your investment will be protected: 

Buy a used 6L80 transmission: This option has the lowest upfront cost, but it typically only comes with a 30 day – 6 month replacement warranty, which may or may not cover the labor charges if a mechanic has to remove and replace the transmission. 

Buy a rebuilt 6L80 transmission: Depending on the competency of the mechanic rebuilding the transmission, this may be a more sensible option. However, a rebuilt transmission warranty is usually honored by just the repair shop/franchise that rebuilt it. So if you’re traveling far from home and suddenly have transmission problems, you might have to pay to fix your transmission yet again. 

Buy a remanufactured 6L80 transmission: If you’re serious about keeping your vehicle on the road, then investing in a remanufactured 6L80 transmission is the way to go. If you buy one from Street Smart Transmission, then your investment will be protected with a 3-year/unlimited mile warranty. It covers all parts and labor, and can be used at any licensed repair shop in the continental United States. It’s also transferable should you decide to sell the vehicle. So if you don’t want to worry about unexpected transmission repair bills sneaking up on you again, this is definitely the way to go. 

If you’d like to learn more about getting a remanufactured 6L80 transmission from Street Smart Transmission, click here. 


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Labor Warranty Defined: Up to $50/hour MItchell book hours for removal and re-installation. Must be initially installed at an auto repair shop for labor warranty to be valid. Auto repair shop is defined as repair shop whose primary business is automotive repair and provides auto repair service to the general public, and the initial install is done on a repair order.

Commercial Application Defined: Vehicles of larger than one ton (F450/F550, 4500/5500 series, motorhomes), transportation for hire (taxis, shuttles, bus,  limo) delivery service, business-owned commercial-use vehicles, police/emergency vehicles, tow trucks.

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