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Remanufactured Saturn Outlook Transmissions

  • Learn about common Saturn Outlook transmission problems
  • Everything you need to know when shopping for a Saturn Outlook transmission for sale
  • How and when to buy a remanufactured Saturn Outlook transmission

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Saturn Outlook Transmission Problems & Solutions


When the Saturn Outlook was launched in 2007, GM was in the midst of one of the largest bankruptcies in U.S. history. The Saturn brand would eventually get the axe, but not before they got their very own version of the General’s new “Lambda” fullsize crossover. In Saturn guise, this 3-row CUV got sporty styling, big SUV room, and the option of performance enhancing dual exhaust. The new fuel efficient 3.6L V6 made V8-like power, and a new 6-speed automatic could route this power to the front wheels, or all four. But as good as this family wagon was, the Saturn Outlook suffered from several serious transmission issues.


Common Saturn Outlook 6T75E Transmission Problems



The automatic transmission in your Saturn Outlook uses ATF to remove heat from the moving parts. When you’re towing a trailer, or driving in stop-and-go traffic, the transmission fluid can overheat and cause all sorts of internal damage. At 200-degrees F, the fluid is no longer able to remove heat, and at 240-degrees, it will start destroying seals while leaving a damaging varnish on all of the metal parts. If left unchecked, overheating a Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission could destroy the clutches, valve body, bands, seals, and torque converter. To alleviate the problem, you can install an auxiliary transmission cooler. Plus, you need to avoid overfilling the transmission fluid, because the increased fluid pressure can also cause the gearbox to overheat.


Failed Shift Solenoid

A transmission solenoid is a little spring-loaded plunger that activates a gear change by controlling the fluid flow inside the valve body. The Saturn 6T75E transmission computer activates each shift solenoid by sending an electric charge through a coil of wire that wraps around it. This coil of wire is also the most common cause of failure, usually due to an electrical short, or excessive vibration shaking one of the wires loose. Although a new shift solenoid isn’t terribly expensive, you will still have to pay a hefty sum for the labor to replace it.


Broken Wave Plate

One of the most common Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission problems is a broken wave plate. These thin metal rings help to actuate a gear shift, and they’re known to break apart, even when the vehicle doesn’t have that many miles on the clock. If this happens, the metal fragments can cause all sorts of internal damage. Resulting in a useless transmission, and an owner with a very ‘dim outlook’.


How to Solve Saturn Outlook Transmission Problems


Solution 1: Buy a Used Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and transmission problems are expensive to fix. Naturally, buying a used Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission would be the most affordable solution. However, you don’t know if that used 6T75E transmission will have the same problems as your old one. You have no way of knowing the condition of the OE wave plates. Plus, that 30-90 day junkyard warranty only covers the transmission, not the labor. So the cheapest solution could windup being more expensive than you think.


Solution 2: Buy a Rebuilt Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission

A rebuilt Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission is a more logical choice, especially if you plan to keep your truck for a while. Problem is, the actual long-term durability of a rebuilt 6T75E transmission largely depends on the skill of the technician doing the work. There are numerous issues that have to be addressed inside a Saturn 6T75E. Otherwise, you’ll be experiencing a whole new set of problems. Also, the typical rebuilt transmission warranty is just 1-2 years, and you may be limited to a small number of shops that can perform the warranty work.


Solution 3: Buy a Remanufactured Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission

Family vehicles are built for traveling, and if you do a lot of that, a remanufactured Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission from Street Smart Transmission will be the best solution. It comes with a 3-year/Unlimited Mile Warranty that covers you nationwide on both parts and labor. You also get superior quality, because each of our 6T75E transmissions receive a remanufactured valve body, transmission pump, and torque converter. They’re also upgraded over stock specification, to eliminate common problems inherent to this transmission. Some of the upgrades include stronger bushings to improve fluid pressure, custom clutch clearances to improve shift timing, and a polished pump rotor to provide more consistent fluid pressure.


Once assembly is complete, each remanufactured Saturn Outlook 6T75E transmission is then tested on a dyno machine, using a program called Computer Aided Road Simulation, or C.A.R.S. for short. This important step puts the transmission through simulated on-road use, and allows us to ensure complete functionality of each gearbox prior to shipment. The typical rebuilt 6T75E transmission won’t be subjected to this kind of testing, so any misadjusted components or leaks will have to be discovered out on the open road.


Safety and reliability are chief requirements for any family vehicle. So if you want to make sure that your Saturn Outlook transmission won’t leave you stranded again, give us a call at 1-866-812-7560, or click here to click here to check on the price and availability of a remanufactured Saturn Outlook transmission.