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Remanufactured Saturn Aura Transmissions 

  • Learn about common Saturn Aura transmission problems 
  • Everything you need to know when shopping for a Saturn Aura transmission for sale 
  • How and when to buy a remanufactured Saturn Aura transmission 

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Remanufactured Saturn Aura Transmissions 


Although largely forgotten, the Saturn Aura is a decently executed sedan from GM’s once popular brand. Unfortunately however, time and miles can wreak havoc on your cars 4T45E, 6T40 or 6T70 transmission. So let’s see if installing a remanufactured Saturn Aura transmission can bring your car back to life. 


Common Saturn Aura 4T45E Transmission Problems  


4T45E owners can suffer frotransmission problems including slipping, delayed shifts, harsh shifts, no reverse, no forward gears, loss of 4th gear, and the loss of overdrive. These issues can stem from numerous design flaws with the solenoids, a Torque Convertor Control (TCC) element, or other vital components. 


Common Saturn Aura 6T40 Transmission Problems   


No forward, no reverse, engine will not crank, engine will not start 

Problem – Some of the symptoms of this problem include; the transmission will not engage, the engine cranks but will not start, transmission fluid leaks, unusually harsh shifts, transmission slipping, certain transmission gears will not engage. These diagnostic trouble codes may also be present; P0776, P0796, P2714, P2723. 

Solution – These problems may be caused by low line pressure due to a damaged transmission pump. 


Flare or slipping on the 2-6 shift 

Problem – When this common 6T40/6T45 transmission problem occurs, the driver may experience slipping and/or a sudden flare/surge when the transmission shifts into or out of 2nd/6th gear. 

Solution – This problem is often caused by debris blocking the opening on the channel plate and spacer plate that provides oil to the 2-6 clutch regulator valve. To correct the issue, the channel plate, spacer plate and valve body will have to be cleaned. 


Common Saturn Aura 6T70 Transmission Problems  


One of the most common 6T70 transmission problems is overheating. This happens when the moving parts inside the transmission are creating more friction heat than the ATF can remove. The most common cause of this condition is towing heavy loads, driving in stop/go traffic, or on mountain roads where the transmission has to shift a lot. 

Overfilling the transmission with too much ATF can also cause 6T70 transmission overheating, which can lead to ruptured seals, and damaged torque converters, valve bodies, bands, and clutches. An auxiliary transmission cooler can do a lot to help keep the temperature down. 

Another common issue with the GM 6T70 transmission is broken wave plates. These metal disks help to lock gears together during a shift. If they break, the metal fragments will get hurled through the gearbox, causing catastrophic damage to other internal components. There isnt a lot that you can do to prevent this problem, but a remanufactured 6T70 transmission can ensure that it wont happen again. 

You can also cause the transmission to overheat with improper maintenance or abuse. The main things you need to watch out for are overtowing and revving too much. These cause the transmission to rev too high and strip gears or use too much transmission fluid. The best thing to do, if you think the transmission is overheating, is to pull to the side of the road and let the vehicle cool down. 

When a gear change is required, the computer tells a little spring-loaded plunger in the valve body to move and direct pressurized ATF into the appropriate channel. Theres one of these solenoids for each gear, and its activated by sending current through the coil of wire thats wrapped around it. The problem is, that coil of wire can short out, or excessive vibration can shake it loose, causing the 6T70 solenoid to fail. 


How to Solve Saturn Aura Transmission Problems 


Solution A: Buy a Used Saturn Aura Transmission  

Going to the local junkyard and picking up a used Saturn Aura transmission might seem like the cheapest and fastest option. But you need to consider the fact that you don’t know what the actual shape of the internal components are. It could very well be on the verge of transmission problems of its own, which would leave you in the exact same predicament that you’re in now. And that 30 – 90 day junkyard warranty probably won’t cover labor charges to install the replacement transmission if something goes wrong. 


Solution B: Buy a Rebuilt Saturn Aura Transmission 

Getting a rebuilt Saturn Aura transmission would probably seem like a better idea. However, a lot of mechanics and transmission shops will only rebuild your Saturn Aura transmission back to its original factory specifications. Which means that all of those factory design flaws are still going to be inplay. And that rebuilt transmission warranty might only be good at certain shops, which could do you no good if you have transmission problems while you’re traveling. 


Solution C: Buy a Remanufactured Saturn Aura Transmission 

If you want to get the most service life out of your vehicle as possible, then you really should consider a remanufactured Saturn Aura transmission from Street Smart Transmission. Each one is completely disassembled and re-remanufactured, so nothing is left to chance. Theyre also modified to correct the factory design flaws, which will greatly extend the service life. Plus, you get a 3-Year/Unlimited Mile Nationwide Warranty. This will cover parts and labor charges at any licensed repair shop in the Continental United States, giving you a lot more flexibility and coverage.