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Remanufactured Ram C/V Transmissions 

  • Learn about common Ram C/V transmission problems 
  • Everything you need to know when shopping for a Ram C/V transmission for sale 
  • How and when to buy a remanufactured Ram C/V transmission 

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Remanufactured Ram C/V Transmissions 


If you own a small business or otherwise work for yourself, then you already know that time is money. Which is why you probably don’t have the time or money to deal with 62TE Ram C/V transmission problems. So, let’s see if installing a remanufactured Ram C/V transmission can help you save some of your valuable time and money. 


Common Ram C/V Transmission Problems  


Slipping, Erratic Shifting, Harsh Forward or Reverse Gear Engagement: Some of the most common 62TE transmission problems are slipping between gears, erratic up or down shifts, or a hard slam when the 62TE transmission engages Drive or Reverse. There are a number of design flaws in this transmission, and any one of them could be causing these symptoms. 


Engine stalls while in Drive or during coast down – 62TE transmission  

Problem – Drivers may experience an engine stall when they place the gear selector into Drive. They may also notice that the engine starts to run excessively rough or stalls when they are coasting to a stop. 

Solution – These 62TE transmission problems may be caused by mechanical failure with the electronically modulated converter clutch variable force solenoid / EMCC VFS solenoid, which can cause the torque converter clutch to engage when it shouldnt. To fix the problem, the EMCC solenoid will have to be replaced. 


Transmission shifts into neutral on the 1-2 shift – 2007+ 62TE transmission 

Problem – Drivers may notice that the vehicle shifts into neutral upon the 1-2 shift. This may cause the vehicle to go into limp mode, where the transmission becomes locked in 3rd gear. In some cases, the vehicle may not move and will require the engine to be shut off and restarted before limp mode can be activated. 

Solution – These 62TE transmission problems are often caused by worn sealing ring lands on the low clutch housing. To correct this condition, place the housing and possibly the piston from the direct clutch. 


How to Solve Ram C/V Transmission Problems 


Solution A: Buy a Used Ram C/V Transmission  

Going to the local junkyard and picking up a used Ram C/V transmission might seem like the cheapest and fastest option. But you need to consider the fact that you don’t know what the actual shape of the internal components are. It could very well be on the verge of transmission problems of its own, which would leave you in the exact same predicament that you’re in now. And that 30 – 90 day junkyard warranty probably won’t cover labor charges to install the replacement transmission if something goes wrong. 


Solution B: Buy a Rebuilt Ram C/V Transmission  

Getting a rebuilt Ram C/V transmission would probably seem like a better idea. However, a lot of mechanics and transmission shops will only rebuild your Ram C/V transmission back to its original factory specifications. Which means that all of those factory design flaws are still going to be inplay. And that rebuilt transmission warranty might only be good at certain shops, which could do you no good if you have transmission problems while you’re traveling. 


Solution C: Buy a Remanufactured Ram C/V Transmission  

If you want to get the most service life out of your vehicle as possible, then you really should consider a remanufactured Ram C/V transmission from Street Smart Transmission. Each one is completely disassembled and re-remanufactured, so nothing is left to chance. Theyre also modified to correct the factory design flaws, which will greatly extend the service life. Plus, you get a 3-Year/Unlimited Mile Nationwide Warranty. This will cover parts and labor charges at any licensed repair shop in the Continental United States, giving you a lot more flexibility and coverage.