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Remanufactured Nissan Titan Transmissions

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Nissan Titan Transmission Problems & Solutions

America is a ‘can do’ nation, which is probably why the fullsize pickup has been our best selling vehicle for decades. Nissan has been selling small trucks on our shore since 1959. But since Americans buy well over 1 million fullsize trucks every year, Nissan finally decided to launch their own fullsize pickup in 2004. Called the Titan, it had square-jaw styling, a fully boxed ladder frame, and a meaty V8 engine. The buying public didn’t exactly go wild, so they started offering lots of useful options like an 8-foot bed, luxury interior accoutrements, telescoping side mirrors, and the very capable Nissan Titan Pro-4X off-road rig. Naturally sales began to climb, and people started to realize just how rugged Nissan’s big hauler really was. Adding to the appeal was the standard Nissan RE5R05A transmission, which offered the fuel economy of a 5-speed, and the strength to tow up to 9,500 lbs. However a design flaw typically led to early transmission failure, and there were several more built-in weaknesses as well. So let’s look at some of the most common Nissan Titan transmission problems, and see what you can do about them.

Common Problems with the RE5R05A Nissan Titan Transmission


Premature Transmission Failure

As surprising as it may sound, a design flaw in the radiator is actually the root cause of many Nissan Titan transmission failures. You see, the Nissan RE5R05A transmission pumps ATF forward to the radiator, where a special chamber allows it to release the heat that it’s absorbed from all of the moving parts. Unfortunately, that cooling passage has a tendency to crack, allowing antifreeze to mix with the transmission fluid. This chemical contamination then wreaks havoc on everything from the transmission seals, to the clutches. A simple rebuild typically can’t correct all of the internal damage, which is why most owners opt for a remanufactured Nissan Titan transmission.



All those moving parts inside your transmission generate friction, which translates into heat. The ATF is designed to absorb this heat, then expel it through the radiator. Towing and carrying heavy cargo intensifies this heat, and the stock radiator isn’t capable of removing enough to prevent the transmission from overheating. If this happens, that excess heat can severely damage the clutches, transmission bands, seals, and a host of other parts. So if you want to keep from having one of the most common Nissan RE5R05A transmission problems, we highly recommend installing an auxiliary transmission cooler.


Slipping and Unusually Hard Shifts

These are two common Nissan Titan transmission problems, and they’re caused by two separate issues. 1: Slipping on the 4-5 shift is typically caused by a failed solenoid, worn transmission bands, or using the wrong type of ATF. 2: Harsh 2-3 shifts are usually the result of a worn clutch pack. To address these problems, Street Smart Transmission upgrades all of these parts beyond stock, then each remanufactured Nissan Titan transmission is given a 3-year/Unlimited Mile Warranty to protect you down the road.


How to Solve Nissan Titan Transmission Problems


Solution 1: Buy a Used Nissan Titan RE5R05A transmission

A broken transmission is the single most expensive part to repair. So from an economic standpoint, it might make sense to buy a used Nissan Titan transmission. But the reality is, that used Nissan RE5R05A transmission comes from a junkyard, so you don’t know what new problems you might inherit. Plus, that 30-90 day warranty only covers the transmission itself. If it goes bad, the junkyard will give you another transmission. However, you’ll be paying the labor cost to install tranny #2.


Solution 2: Buy a Rebuilt Nissan Titan RE5R05A transmission

A rebuilt Nissan Titan transmission might seem like the next best thing. But that rebuilt RE5R05A transmission is only as good as the tech building it. Every transmission shop has different methods, and they might not replace all of the critical components. If you’ve experienced transmission failure due to the radiator design flaw, the valve body that they reinstall might be slightly warped. Or it could have one of countless other contamination related problems, and that can turn your gearbox into a ticking time bomb.


Solution 3: Buy a Remanufactured Nissan Titan RE5R05A transmission

Aside from the transmission issue, the Nissan Titan is a mechanically sound truck that should last for a very long time. So instead of risking another breakdown, you need to seriously consider buying a remanufactured RE5R05A transmission. The difference is, Street Smart Transmission doesn’t just replace a few parts then slap a limited warranty on it. Each RE5R05A transmission is completely disassembled and every component is inspected to ensure that nothing is warped, cracked, or out of spec. Once the damaged hard parts (valve body, case, gears etc.) are replaced, new and upgrade components (like bushings, bands, solenoids and seals) are installed, then the entire transmission is hot and cold dyno tested to be sure that it functions properly. Each remanufactured Nissan Titan transmission is then shipped (free of charge to a business address) with a fully remanufactured torque converter, and a brand new radiator with redesigned transmission cooling passages. Customers also receive a transferrable 3-year/Unlimited Mile Warranty that covers parts and labor at any licensed repair shop in the country.

So if you’re ready for a permanent solution to all of your Nissan Titan transmission problems, then give us a call at 1-866-812-7560. Or you can click here to check on the price and availability of a remanufactured Nissan Titan transmission.