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Remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer Transmissions

  • Learn about common Mercury Mountaineer transmission problems
  • Everything you need to know when shopping for a Mercury Mountaineer transmission for sale
  • How and when to buy a remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer transmission

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Mercury Mountaineer Transmission Problems & Solutions


Back when SUVs were expected to have truck credentials, models like the Mercury Mountaineer were extremely important. It was based on the Ford Explorer. But unlike it’s rugged looking twin, the Mountaieer took a very avant-garde approach to SUV-ing. The intention was to make it appealing to people who wanted some style and luxury with their truck-like capability. From it’s clean lines, to it’s multi-colored leather interior, the Mercury Mountaineer was a refreshing departure from the standard SUV recipe. But of course, there was still plenty of rugged capability when you needed it, thanks to the stout V6 & V8 engines. The transmissions however, can tend to be a bit problematic as the miles increase. So let’s figure out how to solve your Mercury Mountaineer transmission problems.


Common Problems with the Mercury Mountaineer 5R55S Transmission


Failed Solenoids – Slipping and/or Complete Loss of a Gear

A solenoid is a small spring-loaded part that the computer uses to actuate gear changes by directing the flow of ATF inside the valve body. Every time a new gear is required, electrical current is sent through a coil of wire surrounding the solenoid, which activates a plunger mechanism that directs the pressurized transmission fluid down the right channel, causing the transmission band to squeeze against a particular clutch drum. However, heat and vibration can cause these little electro-mechanical switches to fail prematurely. When this happens, you will experience slipping, hesitation, and the eventual loss of a gear. In order to extend the service life of each remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer 5R55S transmission, SST installs pre-tested solenoids and updated connectors, which are designed to prevent moisture from getting in and corroding the solenoid in the first place. The transmission bands are also upgraded with more durable friction material, and the valve body is recalibrated as well.


Common Problems with the Mercury Mountaineer 6R60 Transmission


Unusually Hard or Erratic Shifts

Some of the more common Mercury Mountaineer transmission problems are unusually hard shifts, erratic shifting, and transmission fault codes. Many times, these issues are caused by excessive wear on the bushings, clutch drum, and clutches. To address these issues, Street Smart Transmission tests every clutch drum for damage and hairline cracks, then installs heavy duty bushings and more robust clutches.


Common Problems with the Mercury Mountaineer 5R Transmission and 6R Transmission



Heat is the natural enemy of a transmission, because it can degrade everything from the seals to the solenoids. It’s created by friction, which is generated by all of the moving parts. If you do a lot of towing, or driving in the mountains/stop-and-go traffic, this heat can build up and overheat the transmission. The stock cooling system on the Mercury Mountaineer is not equipped to handle much heat, and that can lead to severe heat related damage. This is why we recommend that owners install an auxiliary transmission cooler to extend the life of their remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer transmission.


What you can do to solve Mercury Mountaineer transmission Problems


Buying a used Mercury Mountaineer 5R55S or 6R60 Transmission

Getting a used 5R55S transmission, or used 6R60 transmission from the local junkyard might seem like an inexpensive option, but it could cost you more money in the long run. Here’s why:

  • Most used Mercury Mountaineer transmissions come directly out of a worn out vehicle, and most salvage yards do not have the ability to open up the transmission and inspect the condition of all the key components
  • There’s a good chance that a used transmission will have the same problems as you have now, or worse
  • There’s no way to guarantee the service life of a used transmission
  • The 30-90 day warranty only covers a replacement transmission, not the labor to install It


Buying a rebuilt Mercury Mountaineer 5R55S or 6R60 Transmission


Buying a rebuilt Mercury Mountaineer transmission is certainly a better option. But there are some things that you need to consider:

  • Every transmission shop has their own rebuild process, so there’s no way to guarantee a uniform build quality
  • The quality and service life of that rebuilt transmission will depend on the skills of a single mechanic
  • There may not be a quality inspection process in place
  • That rebuilt transmission warranty may only be honored by certain shops in a specific geographic location, which means you won’t be covered for transmission problems if you travel


Buying a remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer 5R55S or 6R60 Transmission

Unlike a rebuilt transmission, a remanufactured transmission has been completely re-engineered to exceed its stock specification. Every part that goes into it has been inspected and tested, and all of the design flaws have been eliminated through the use of higher quality components. Street Smart Transmission does all of this in a state of the art factory, and every remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer transmission must pass multiple quality inspections throughout the build. Once the ASE certified technicians complete the build, the transmission is tested on a dyno machine to ensure that it functions properly. This also breaks in all of the new parts, so that our technicians can make any necessary adjustments on the spot. As a result, you get a plug-and-play installation, and one of the best warranties in the industry. Every SST remanufactured 5R55S transmission and remanufactured 6R60 transmission are backed by our Nationwide 3-year/Unlimited Mile Warranty, which will cover part and labor charges for any necessary transmission repairs, performed by any licensed repair shop in the country.


To learn more about getting a remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer transmission from Street Smart Transmission, give us a call at 1-866-812-7560. Or you can click here to check on the price and availability of a remanufactured Mercury Mountaineer transmission.