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Remanufactured Jeep Liberty Transmissions

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Jeep Liberty Transmission Problems & Solutions


Born during the slightly confused Mercedes-Chrysler era, the Jeep Liberty was intended to be a replacement for the best-selling Jeep Cherokee XJ. However, an unfamiliar name, combined with its controversial ‘upright’ styling, prevented the 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty KJ & 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty KK from attaining the “cult status” of its predecessor. Nevertheless, this plucky off-roader still offered plenty of ground clearance, lots of wheel travel to climb over obstacles, and optional 4WD systems that could pull you through nearly any terrain. But no matter how capable the Jeep Liberty is, it can still fall victim to Jeep 42RLE transmission problems. So let’s put it in 4-Lo and power our way to a solution.


Common Problems with the Jeep Liberty 42RLE Transmission


Slipping and/or Delayed Shifts – Pressure Regulator System

Even though this midsize SUV was given some fairly reliable engines at the factory, many owners do you report having problems with their 42RLE transmission. The most common of these Jeep liberty transmission problems is slipping between gears, or a noticeable delay between shifts. Most of the time, this condition will occur because the transmission isn’t able to maintain the correct fluid pressure. To keep this from happening to remanufactured Jeep Liberty 42RLE transmission customers, Street Smart Transmission uses much stronger bushings to maintain consistent fluid pressure. A redesigned pressure regulator valve is installed, and the valve body itself receives several key modifications, including a complete system recalibration kit, more reliable aluminum accumulator pistons, and upgraded servos.


Slipping and/or Delayed Shifts – Torque Convertor

Your Jeep Liberty transmission may also be experiencing slipping or delayed shifts, due to a failed torque converter. This vital component transfers engine power to the transmission using a series of turbine blades, which transfer automatic transmission fluid from one side of a hydraulic circuit to the other. Overheating, and dirty transmission fluid can cause the torque converter bearings, bushings, and friction linings to fail prematurely. Resulting in the aforementioned symptoms. In order to prevent future drivability issues, every remanufactured Jeep Liberty 42RLE transmission comes with a completely remanufactured torque convertor. It receives new bearings, bushings, and overdrive clutch linings. Then it’s tested to verify balance, concentricity, and lock-up function.



The root cause of many Jeep Liberty transmission problems is actually overheating. When your Jeep 42RLE transmission overheats, the ATF isn’t able to remove heat from all the moving parts, which will result in catastrophic damage to the internal components. Friction linings on the clutch discs, seals, bearings, shift solenoids, and sensitive aluminum components like the valve body, can fail prematurely and leave you stranded. This is why Street Smart Transmission recommends that all of our remanufactured Jeep Liberty 42RLE Transmission customers install an aftermarket transmission cooler. This will remove more heat from the transmission fluid, so it will be able to protect your transmission when the going gets tough.


How to Solve Jeep Liberty Transmission Problems


Solution A: Buy a Used Jeep Liberty 42RLE Transmission

Since they built quite a few copies of the 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty KJ & 2008-2012 Jeep Liberty KK, finding a used Jeep 42RLE transmission shouldn’t be too difficult. However, that used Jeep Liberty 42RLE Transmission likely has many of the above mentioned factory design flaws. So it may only be a matter of time before you start experiencing the exact same transmission problems that you were trying to fix now. Plus, the 30-90 day warranty that you get from the junkyard, will only get you another used Jeep Liberty transmission if the first one goes bad. It also doesn’t cover labor charges to put that new-used transmission in.


Solution B: Buy a Rebuilt Jeep Liberty 42RLE Transmission

The next best option would be a rebuilt Jeep Liberty 42RLE transmission. Instead of taking a chance on buying somebody else’s problems, a mechanic can take your existing 42RLE transmission, and replace many of the internal components using an OE master rebuild kit. A rebuild Jeep Liberty transmission will almost certainly last longer than a used one. And most are even backed by a 1-2 year warranty. However, the actual quality of the finished product depends largely on the skills of the mechanic rebuilding it. There’s also a good chance that your torque converter will remain untouched, because many shops don’t have the equipment to properly repair or test them. In addition, that rebuilt transmission warranty may only be honored by a few shops, in a specific area. Which can leave your wallet unprotected when you travel.


Solution C: Buy a Remanufactured Jeep Liberty Transmission

If you want to fix your transmission problems, permanently. Then you need to strongly consider investing in a remanufactured Jeep Liberty 42RLE transmission from Street Smart Transmission. They’re not built on a workbench, in the back of some garage. They’re built in a state of-the-art factory, by ASE certified technicians that specialize in Jeep transmissions. Along the way, each reman Jeep transmission receives a number of targeted upgrades that are engineered to correct factory design flaws. After passing multiple quality inspections, the completed transmission is tested on a dyno machine, using a program that is designed to replicate real world driving situations. This allows our trained technicians to spot problems with the build, and adjust shift points before it gets shipped to the customer. The dyno testing also breaks in all of the new parts, that way no adjustments or ECU programming will be needed once it’s installed in your truck. Each of our remanufactured transmissions is then issued a transferable 3-year/Unlimited Mile Nationwide Warranty, which will pay for parts and labor on any necessary transmission repairs that are performed by any licensed repair shop anywhere in the country. So our remanufactured Jeep Liberty 42RLE transmission is reengineered to prevent problems, and your investment is protected by a nationwide warranty.


To learn more about the remanufactured Jeep Liberty 42RLE transmission, give us a call at 1-866-812-7560. Or you can click here to check on the price and availability of a remanufactured Jeep Liberty transmission.