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Remanufactured Chevy Avalanche Transmissions

  • Learn about common Chevy Avalanche transmission problems
  • Everything you need to know when shopping for a Chevy Avalanche transmission for sale
  • How and when to buy a remanufactured Chevy Avalanche transmission

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Chevy Avalanche Transmission Problems & Solutions 

Delayed, shuddering or is extremely harsh 1-2 shift

The symptoms of one of the more common Chevrolet Avalanche transmission problems are described above, and they can become very unpleasant. The problem has do with faulty 4L60E accumulators, which are designed to act like a sort of shock absorber between shifts. The OE design uses plastic pistons, which can crack and break over time. Each Street Smart Transmission remanufactured Chevy Avalanche 4L60E transmission however, uses upgraded accumulators which have much more durable aluminum pistons.

Complete loss of 3rd and/or 4th

This is another of the more common Chevy avalanche 4L60E transmission problems, and it can usually be traced back to the premature failure of the discs inside of the 3–4 clutch pack. To keep this factory design flaw from affecting you, each of our remanufactured Chevy Avalanche 4L60E transmission is built using high-energy clutch discs, which feature a much more durable friction material. The 4L60E 3-4 clutch pack also gets an extra clutch disc, which will increase both the service life and torque capacity of the transmission.


Common Chevrolet Avalanche 6L80 Transmission Problems & Solutions


Erratic shifting, unusually harsh/soft shifts, slipping, failure to engage forward gears

Those may seem like a lot of symptoms, but they can all be caused by one of the most common Chevy Avalanche 6L80 transmission problems out there; faulty pressure regulator system components. Inside of the 6L80 valve body are a number of valves, springs and check balls. If one of these pieces fails prematurely, then your transmission will not have enough hydraulic pressure to function properly. To eliminate this problem, each Street Smart Transmission remanufactured Chevrolet Avalanche 6L80 transmission gets a completely updated pressure regulator system, along with complete valve body recalibration to ensure that the simple factory design flaws will not affect the drivability of your truck.


How To Solve Chevy Avalanche Transmission Problems


Solution A: Buy a used Chevy Avalanche 4L60E or 6L80 transmission

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but if you buy a used 4L60E transmission or 6L80 transmission from the local junkyard, you might be shelling out more money than you expect in the long run. That used Chevy Avalanche transmission may be in worse condition than the one you have now, which could lead to even bigger transmission problems in the future. Plus, that 30-90 day warranty only gets you another used transmission, if the first one breaks. The labor charges to install it will be coming out of your pocket.

Solution B: Buy a rebuilt Chevy Avalanche 4L60E or 6L80 transmission

A more logical option would be to have a mechanic install a rebuilt 4L60E transmission or rebuilt 6L80 transmission. However, the quality and lifecycle of these largely depends upon the experience of the mechanic building it. They also might not correct for any known design flaws, which could shorten the service life of your new rebuilt Chevy Avalanche transmission significantly. And that warranty might only be good at one shop, or a handful of shops in a specific region.

Solution C: Buy a remanufactured Chevy Avalanche 4L60E or 6L80 transmission

Although it may cost a little bit more money upfront, buying a remanufactured 4L60E transmission or remanufactured 6L80 transmission from a company like Street Smart Transmission, can actually save you money in the long-run. These are built in a factory, with uniform quality controls and state-of-the-art equipment to bench test each completed transmission, valve body and solenoid. Our R&D department determines what components need to be upgraded or modified to extend the service life. And we often use custom-spec bushings and other transmission parts to improve the overall durability and torque capacity of a transmission. Plus, our 3-Year/Unlimited Mile warranty will cover necessary repairs performed at any licensed repair shop in the country, that way you’ll be protected no matter where you go. So if you’re ready to put a permanent end to all of your Chevy Avalanche transmission problems, give us a call at 1-866-812-7560