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Looking for a remanufactured transmission for sale?

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Looking for a remanufactured transmission for sale?


If you need a replacement transmission fast, then you come to the right place. Street Smart Transmission has nearly every type of remanufactured transmission that you can think of, in stock and ready to ship. But we offer more than just convenience. You’ll be getting peace of mind thanks to our advanced remanufacturing process and no hassle, nationwide 3-year/unlimited mile warranty. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get started!

Street Smart Transmissions – What’s so special?

By now you figured out that it’s not hard to buy transmissions online. But your overall ownership experience is going to vary greatly. At Street Smart Transmission, we certainly want to help you lower your transmission replacement cost. This is why we never charge for shipping (as long as your new remanufactured transmission is being shipped to a licensed repair shop), and we don’t hit you with a transmission core charge either. As a result, you can save up to $1000, which you can then put towards the transmission installation cost – Don’t forget, you can click here to find a certified transmission installer near you.

Of course, Street Smart Transmission offers some of the best prices on every remanufactured transmission that we have for sale. However, you get more than just competitive prices. You get a transmission that has been re-created far beyond its OEM state. Our R&D department finds new ways to solve common transmission problems that are created by design flaws in the original transmission. From repositioning a bearing to substituting stronger billet aluminum components for the original cheap plastic parts. Our engineers allow us to produce remanufactured transmissions that can outlast the OEM transmission (with proper maintenance and driver care).

Street Smart Transmission build quality

Once an updated transmission design is issued, our techs on the assembly line will begin the remanufacturing process. This always begins with a complete tear down, cleaning and inspection of each donor transmission. After all of the gunk and grime has been washed away, our experienced technicians will start the laborious process of examining each and every hard part (gears, clutch drums, valve bodies etc.) for signs of damage and significant wear. They also measure for proper metal thickness and tensile strength, and examine the often overlooked places for microscopic hairline cracks that can turn into much bigger problems down the road. Most transmission rebuilders are not equipped to perform obsessive inspecting like we are, which is one reason that our reman transmissions tend to last so long.

After all of the transmission parts have been inspected and/or replaced, they’re sent down the assembly line to a builder that has experience in that particular transmission family. While this is happening, the valve body also undergoes its own remanufacturing process, which ends with a dyno test to ensure that it functions exactly as it’s supposed to before it gets installed. But the newly remanufactured valve body and all of the upgraded soft parts (clutches, seals, bearings etc.) in hand, a builder will begin reassembling the transmission. A quality inspector will be called on multiple times throughout the build process to inspect progress at predetermined points throughout the build. As long as they sign off on the progress, the build proceeds until it is complete.

Once the build process is finished, the newly remanufactured transmission is sent to the dyno room and hooked up to a dyno machine that runs each transmission through a proprietary test cycle known as C.A.R.S. (Computer Aided Real-world Simulation). This puts each and every remanufactured transmission through its paces in a number of driving situations like full throttle, passing, low speed stop-and-go traffic, and highway cruising. This not only breaks-in the transmission, but it also allows for a final quality control inspection to ensure that there are no leaks and everything functions the way it is supposed to.

Street Smart Transmission warranty

Because of the way that we reengineer and then remanufacture each transmission, Street Smart Transmission is not afraid to back each transmission that we have for sale, with a 3-year/unlimited mile warranty. This is not only one of the best remanufactured transmission warranties in the industry. It’s also valid nationwide at any licensed repair shop in the continental United States. Should you experience transmission problems within three years of your original purchase date, the Street Smart Transmission warranty will pay for any necessary transmission repairs and associated labor costs. We will also immediately ship out a replacement transmission should that be deemed necessary. Plus this warranty is tied to the vehicle VIN number, so it’s transferable to a new owner should you decide to sell or gift the vehicle during your warranty period.

So there you have it, Street Smart Transmission is not only the best place to buy a transmission online. We’re also going to provide you with a transmission that will last longer and save you more money on transmission repairs in the long run. Are you ready to get back on the road?